Conran - The dinky Raccoon

Conran - The dinky Raccoon


Conran - The dinky Raccoon is a 3rd Person Wave Survival Shooter featuring a blue raccoon gladiator fighting drones in a futuristic, clean and stylized world.

The Game


During the battle for his freedom, he collects scraps and upgrades his weapons, beating wave after wave of enemies.

The dynamically changing arena offers a special challenge, which requires the player to tactically adapt to the new Arena behavior and enemies. Another key feature is the different kinds of weapons and their specific behaviors.

The game comes with 3 Difficulty levels. While the Normal and Hard difficulties offer different challenges on their own, the "Nightcore" mode is unique and lets the player face all of them again in the dark.


Blast your way through waves of enemies. Kill bots, collect their scraps to upgrade your weapons, take advantage of the dynamically changing arena and, eventually, buy yourself free.

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  • Dynamic Maps: Engage waves of bots on over 20 dynamically changing maps. Use them to your advantage and fight your way through to freedom!
  • Multiple Difficulty Levels: All's in for your beginner gladiator! If you enjoy more of a challenge, take a try at the Nightcore mode and face all challengers in the dark.
  • Unlockable Weapons: The game features multiple unlockable weapons, each unique and effective in their own ways of pulverizing bots!
  • Special Permadeath: As a gladiator, Conran fights with his life on the line in the arena. Death gives him no way back...unless the raccoon's got enough scraps.
  • Unlockable Achievements: Fighting in the ring for fame and glory...and achievements!
  • Trading Cards: Not only Collect Holocrons there are also Steam Trading Cards
  • Controller Support: Play Conran with either your keyboard or console controller! Or both.
  • Platforms: Steam Windows

The Character

Conran Design Illustration


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The Arena